Why Gibam Pharma ?

Gibam Pharma was born from the ten-year experience of Gibam Shops, a leading European company in the design and production of shop fittings. Between all sectors, pharmacy and cosmetics have always been the company’s core business and the Gibam Pharma plan brings together the know-how developed over the years in this sector. Our aim is to promote a holistic approach to the pharmacy project, by assisting the customer throughout the process, from the individuation of the strategic targets to the turnkey realisation. Aesthetics, quality and sustainability are the three milestones on which our design approach is focused.

"For nearly 50 years at the side of pharmacists and healthcare professionals. For nearly 50 years at your side, making your dream pharmacy come true."

Our Values

Values 1

at your service

We design and produce furniture, accessories and decorations for pharmacy, parapharmacy and cosmetics sectors, adding real value to your business and profession. Each component is made with great attention to quality and strength of the materials, combining in every single item the high reliability of industrial processes and the passion for craftsmanship.The people working on the product spread a wealth of experience built up over time, taking care of every little detail, even the least visible.

Values 2


Industrial processes reliability and a passion for craftsmanship. If we had to choose one sentence to describe who we are, it would be this one. Focused on a single production site, we now cover an area of 29.000 square metres (equivalent to about 4 football pitches) of which 15.000 square metres are indoor. We operate in 3 production departments: Carpentry - sectioning and squaring-edgebanding line and carpentry - machining centres on a total of 5.470 sqm; Assembly on 4.270 sqm; Packaging and shipping on a surface of 5.260 sqm.

Values 3


Logistics and shipping opearations are organised to deliver all items on time. The management of the goods, on the construction site, from delivery to final assembly. Finally, the management and disposal of packaging material. Logistics is a long process which, if wrongly planned, may risk interfering with the assembly work, delaying it. Our team ensures that the whole process flows correctly and organising the working activities of the many people who are involved on the site, with the aim of handing over the keys of your pharmacy, completed.

Values 4B


We are convinced that eco-sustainable production is, first and foremost, of economic value. All of the semi-finished panels we transform are eco-sustainable down to the raw materials and are produced 100% in Italy. They are then processed using environmentally friendly technologies, inside of a production plant that is run on 70% sustainable energy.

Certifications and sustainability

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification

FSC certification is an internationally recognized certification specifically for the forestry sector and forest-derived products. The FSC brand guarantees that the product has been made with raw materials that come from responsibly managed forests according two primary standards: forest management and chain of custody. All of our products are made with FSC certified semi-finished materials, thereby demonstrating – in a correct, transparent and controlled manner – our active contribution to responsible forest management.

CARB ATCM PHASE II Certification

When producing our products, we have chosen to only use low emission materials: all of the semi-finished materials we transform are Carb II certified. This certification – which has been required in the United States market since 2018 – ensures that panel producers and distributors respect the formaldehyde emissions limits set by the CARB “California Air Resources Board”. In 2020, we made the decision to use only semi-finished materials with this certification, not just for products intended for the U.S. market, but also for Europe and the rest of the world.

Our solar
panel system

We make continuous investments in energy production systems that are efficient and eco-sustainable and able to guarantee the quality of the supply chain, while respecting the environment. The photovoltaic system with solar paneling covering our establisments, produces 1,487,436.5 kwh per year, distributed as follows: 72% for company use, 14% offices, 9% lighting, 5% stand. It is a great challenge to be eco-sustainable. This is our promise: we owe it to the beauty of our planet where we are living now and to future generations.


Countries where we are present

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Pharmacies built

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